Integrated Farming: What does it mean?

“Sustainability” has become a buzz word lately, with farmers around the world seeking to maximize profit while minimizing environmental impact. It takes a lot of time, money, and planning to create a sustainable agricultural system, and there is not a simple copy and paste system that will fit each farm. How, then, can we create and maintain a sustainable balance of give and take with our environment? Here at UGACR, we believe site-specific integrated farming is the answer, based on the specific goals of each farming operation.
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Precious Pollinators

In an interview with Scientific American, entomologist Mary Berenbaum points out that, without bees, the only part left of an entire Big Mac would be the bun! Wheat is wind-pollinated, but the cattle are fed bee-pollinated alfalfa and clover; lettuce and onions are bee-pollinated, as well as the cucumbers that become pickles.

Bees and other pollinators are incredibly important to agriculture as a way to pollinate plants that account for over one-third of our food supply, yet bees are facing their toughest fight yet against colony collapse disorder. At UGACR, we have a special garden to attract pollinators in a sustainable and organic way.Read More »